About irreversible loss, inconsequential decisions, and inevitability. I couldn't title it, so here it is, "Untitled." 

Only a mouse is required. Please play in fullscreen.

If you complete it, you'll be unable to play again.


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I like this a lot! It's really aesthetically interesting, there's a lot going on here with pacing and framing as well as the obviously remarkable illustration style. I'm super into these fill patterns you're using - what was the engine?

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Thank you! Patterns made (and used as paint bucket fill patterns) in photoshop, game in construct. I'm really impressed by the patterns in your own work (pattern swatches / carpet generator)!!

'Artistic' stuff tends to go over my head, but this definitely gave me a sense of loss. Looking back, you made quite a few decisions that contributed to that. So good work, and take care.

oh my god


wow im glad I didnt read the full description because the game not resetting caught me completely off guard. Maybe remove the warning? I think that's maybe the strongest thing about it


Thank you. I did think about that, but decided it needed to be either in the description or in the game itself somehow